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This program includes

Live training
Mock interviews
Daily Exercises
Internship assistance
1:1 Mentoring
2 hour Daily Guided sessions
Tasks & Mini Projects
Placement assistance

What you will learn?

We will place you in active projects with our clients while the course is in progress.
We will interate you into the ecosystem of startups, where you will build everything from scratch.
Help you in resume, grooming you for interviews to assisting you in selecting the ideal job.
One-on-one mentoring provides personalized guidance. Focus on individual needs for success
Each batch will have no more than 25 students so that we can provide each of you individual attention.

Testimonials of passionate individuals who built career in IT with us

VS Code
Chrome Dev Tools

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Modules level

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Our curriculum

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  • Introduction to Coding
  • Understanding coding concept
  • Tasks and doubt resolution

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML document structure
  • Frontend working
  • Practical session
  • Tasks and doubt resolution

  • Introduction to Css
  • Css Basic
  • Css Selector
  • Building block
  • Modern Layout
  • Practical session
  • Tasks and doubt resolution

  • Introduction to javaicript/ES6
  • Deep dive into ES6 concept
  • Practical session
  • Tasks and doubt resolution

  • Introduction to ReactJs
  • Basic & working with components (Tasks and Doubt resolution)
  • Event handling & react state
  • Rendering &conditionals (Tasks and Doubt resolution)
  • Validation and error handling Tasks and Doubt resolution
  • React router (Tasks and Doubt resolution)
  • Deep dive into debugging skill
  • Practical session
  • Mini Project

  • What is redux ?
  • How Redux works ?
  • Deep dive into Redux
  • practical session
  • Tasks and doubt resolution
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